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Current Research

Traditional X-ray imaging systems have based on the absorption of material. Unlike such absorption-based X-ray imaging system, recently, the grating based Talbot-Lau interferometer employing a low brilliance and incoherent X-ray source is widely adopted in medical imaging.


This research focuses on a grating-based Differential Phase-Contrast (DPC) X-ray imaging microscopy system for multiphase fluid flow in three-dimensional porous media.


DPC CT reconstruction with limited projection views can be achieved using compressive sensing methods. The reconstructed tri-signature CT images can be further used for automatic material identification by machine learning. Our studies indicate that perfect identification can be achieved using DPC tri-signatures, which offer results superior to those provided by absorption signature alone.


This research focuses on trapping and controlled manipulation of sub-micron sized particles. The work included modeling, fabrication and testing of chips that employ optical forces and/or dielectrophoretic forces to trap and transport nanoparticles. The goal is to develop lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical and chemical applications.



This research develops algorithms to optimize the shape of physical devices.




iLabs is a platform for interactive display of complex experiments or simulations. It provides an imersive, interactive, and social environment for exploring scientific questions, enabling improved publication of scientific results. This tool facilitates ongoing scientific education for audiences ranging from students through to peer researchers.