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Trapping and Manipulation of Submicron Particles



Mohammad Asif Zaman, PhD Candidate, Stanford University,
Punnag Padhy, PhD Candidate, Stanford University,
Paul C. HansenResearch Associate,
Maha YusufPhD Candidate, Stanford University,

Our research focuses on trapping and controlled manipulation of sub-micron sized particles. The work included modeling, fabrication and testing of chips that employ optical forces and/or dielectrophoretic forces to trap and transport nanoparticles. Our goal is to develop lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical and chemical applications.

Our projects include:

  • Plasmonic trapping and manipulation of nanoparticles, Stanford University (9/1/2014 - Present)
    Design, fabrication and testing of C-shaped plasmonic structures for trapping and manipulation of dielectric and metallic nanoparticles.
  • Dielectrophoretic trapping, Stanford University (August 1, 2015 - Present)
    Selective trapping and manipulation of dielectric particles using dielectrophoresis
  • Adjoint optimization, Stanford University (March 1, 2016 - December 1, 2016)
    Application of discrete and continuous adjoint optimization techniques in practical engineering problems
  • Microfluidic system design for droplet generation, Stanford University (June 1, 2017 - Present)
    We are developing a microfluidic system that can generate droplets with diameters of a few micron.
  • On chip system for small volume biochemistry, Stanford University (June 1, 2017 - Present)
    A lab-on-a-chip microfluidic system capable of trapping and manipulating particles will be developed to perform small scale chemical reactions for bio applications.





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